Five Signs You Need a Sheepskin Cover for Your Child's Car Seat

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Wondering if you should get a sheepskin cover for your child's car seat? There are numerous reasons this type of seat could benefit you and your child. Here are some signs it's time to get a sheepskin cover:

1. You want your baby to have a comfortable place to sit.

Sheepskin helps to moderate temperatures. In the summer, it's reliably cool, while in the winter, it tends to be warm and cozy. When that material is lining your baby's car seat, you don't have to worry about the material being too hot or cold.

2. You want warmth without bulk in the winter.

In the winter, the temperature holding properties of sheepskin can be particularly advantageous. In particular, your baby can enjoy the warmth of the sheepskin without extra bulk. It can be dangerous to strap a baby into a car seat when he or she is wearing a bulky coat, as it prevents the straps from being too tight. A sheepskin cover combined with a blanket over the restraints helps you get around this issue.

3. You want extra cushioning for a small baby.

Just as a sheepskin cover can add a bit of warmth or coolness as needed, it also can add a bit of extra cushioning. This is ideal if you have a tiny baby who needs a bit of support to fit into the seat.

4. You want a natural material on the car seat.

In some cases, baby car seats are covered with synthetic upholstery. If your baby has allergies to synthetic materials or if you simply prefer natural materials, a sheepskin cover is perfect. These covers typically feature all natural wool on the exterior, and they have different lining materials such as cotton. In most cases, the only thing synthetic on one of these covers is the elastic bit that goes around the edges to hold the seat cover in place.

5. You won't want your baby to sit in wetness.

In the event that your baby has an accident, and the wetness seeps out of his or her diaper, the sheepskin cover will help to wick the moisture away from your baby's skin and clothes. This helps to keep your baby comfortable, and it also protects the car seat. Just pull off the sheepskin cover as needed and wash it. The moisture wicking properties also help to keep sweaty toddlers comfortable and dry after playing.