3 Essential Camper Trailer Features You'll Need To Create A Home-Away-From-Home

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Camper trailers are growing in popularity in Australia. It's easy to see why; they provide a convenient and comfortable way to experience the great outdoors. Camper trailer models vary greatly in price and specifications, from basic versions through to luxury campers with all the modern conveniences and latest technology.

While a basic camper trailer is perfectly fine for the odd weekend or holiday camping trip, if you're planning to spend a large percentage of your time touring in your camper then you'll want to make your second home as comfortable as possible. Here are three essential features that you should look for when choosing your new camper trailer.

1. A hard floor and hard top

If you're spending many months of the year in your camper then a model with both a hard floor and hard top is essential. These models provider higher levels of comfort than the soft floor and top versions including increased insulation for hot and cold weather.

Hard floors and tops are also more robust than their soft counterparts, especially when you're regularly travelling on rough terrain. The seals on these models are also impervious to dust, so your interior will be pristine even after heavy dust or sand exposure.

2. An onboard shower and toilet

For short camping trips, using the communal bathroom facilities at campgrounds may be adequate. However, for longer periods of time, the dash to the toilets in the middle of the night may become quite tiresome. An onboard shower and toilet will cost you a little bit extra but the convenience, privacy and sense of luxury they provide are priceless.

A shower and a toilet are even more essential if you're planning to explore some of the more remote areas of the country. Many camping sites in these locations don't have any bathroom facilities at all which doesn't make for a very hygienic or comfortable experience.

3. A large annexe

Even the larger sized camper trailer models provide fairly limited internal space. Having a generously sized annexe can more than double your living space, which is a very important consideration when you're spending extended amounts of time living in it.

To get the best out your annexe space, make sure that the sides can be rolled up or down depending on the weather. Mesh screens are also important for warmer nights spent in locations with lots of mosquitos or flies. A rubber flooring mat also makes your annexe space more liveable, particularly in bush or beach settings where the ground may be rocky or uneven.

These three features will ensure that your camper trailer feels like a home away from home rather than simply a rustic camping set up. Contact your local camper trailer manufacturer to discuss which models might provide you with the features and specifications that you need.