Two important qualities to look for when buying a bench seat for your commercial truck

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If you have a job which requires you to drive long distances in your truck, it's worth investing in the best commercial bench seating you can afford. Here are two of the most important qualities to look for when shopping for this vehicle accessory.

Lumbar support

For those who only drive their vehicles occasionally for short journeys, there is no need to invest in seating which offers lumbar support. However, if your occupation involves driving for longer periods of time, it is absolutely vital to select seating which provides adequate support for your lower back.

Without this, you are likely to struggle to maintain good posture when you're behind the wheel. The incorrect alignment of your spine and the extra strain this posture places on the muscles in your lower back will eventually lead to aches, pains and potentially, sciatica (a very painful health condition which involves compression of the sciatic nerve).

As such, you should look for bench seating that comes with a built-in inflatable lumbar support cushion; in most cases, this cushion can be manually or electronically inflated or deflated, to provide the exact amount of support you personally require.

Make sure that the cushion is made from a high resilience foam, that will not begin to collapse or sag when you need to lean your body weight against it for hours at a time.

A high-quality suspension frame

Commercial trucks can be uncomfortable to operate. One of the main reasons for this is that their bulk, coupled with the weight of the items they usually transport, tends to create a powerful impact when the vehicle is driven over an uneven section of road.

Unfortunately, this means that, when travelling on rough terrain, drivers are usually continually lifted off their seats. This can be particularly tiresome during longer road journeys, and may even result in drivers needing to take rest stops more frequently than they would otherwise.

Cheaper commercial bench seating tends to offer little in the way of suspension; as such, if you opt for a low-cost model, you should be prepared to endure a significant amount of discomfort when driving on rural roads.

If this is something that you feel might bother you, it's sensible to invest in a bench seat that comes with a supportive suspension frame (ideally, one made from a robust material, such as steel) which will absorb most of the impact when you travel on uneven road surfaces.