A Guide On How to Choose a Car Trailer

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Choosing an appropriate trailer for your car can be a difficult experience, but with these tips, you will find it easier. A trailer refers to an unpowered vehicle which is towed by a powered vehicle. Trailers are used to transport goods and can be hitched in both commercial and private vehicles.

The most important consideration before towing is knowing your vehicle's weight limits. Always ensure that your car has the power to haul the desired weight. Depending on the type and weight of the product to be transported, there are a variety of car trailers one can choose from.

Pig Trailer

This is a trailer with a single axle. The axle is located near the middle of the trailer with two wheels holding the load. A draw bar connects the trailer to the towing vehicle.

Dog Trailer 

These are trailers with two axles, at the front and the rear. Like the pig trailer, they have a draw bar from which the trailer is towed.  


A semitrailer is a trailer with a rear axle but does not have a front axle. The towing vehicle supports the front of the trailer hence most of its weight is held by the car.


A caravan is an enclosed trailer that is customized into a living space or sleeping quarters. They are popular among long-distance travellers and campers.

Boat trailer.

This type of trailer is specific for towing boats. They are of two types. A roller trailer has rollers attached to it to help guide the boat onto the trailer. The float-on trailer simply winches the boat onto the trailer.

For a person new to trailers, there are several safety features that one must check when purchasing, renting or hitching a trailer onto their car.

  • Check the wheels and bearings of the car trailer to ensure they are in excellent condition. 
  • Ensure that the towing vehicle is ready. Inspect the brakes, tires, lights, and oil before doing any towing.
  • Check the straps and other loading equipment so that the load is firmly in place during transportation.
  • Inspect the connection between the trailer and the hitch. Make sure that the trailer's lights and brakes are working.

A trailer is an efficient method of transporting goods. There are different types of trailers to choose from depending on what you are transporting. Always ensure that the trailer and towing vehicle are safe to use before towing.