Two Updates To Make to Your Car After You Get a Dog

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If you've added a dog to your family and this new pet will be travelling in your car, here are two updates you should make to your current car accessories.

Replace any fabric car mats with vinyl ones

If your car currently features several fabric car mats, you should replace these with vinyl ones. A fabric car mat will be much harder to maintain than a vinyl car mat when your dog starts travelling in your vehicle. This is because any hairs they shed that land on the former will get tangled in the fabric fibres; removing these hairs will be very hard, even when you use a vacuum. Conversely, because a vinyl mat has no fibres, you can shake off, brush or vacuum any hairs your dog sheds on it in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, if you have fabric mats, and your dog jumps into the car after a long walk in the muddy grass or wet sand, the dirty water on their paws will soak into this fabric. Aside from creating a bad smell in the car, this could quickly lead to the damp fabric mats getting mouldy, which could be bad news for the health of everyone who travels in your car. However, you can dry a vinyl mat in seconds with a cloth, which means that it won't retain odours or get mouldy.

Invest in a good car upholstery brush

After replacing your fabric mats with vinyl ones, you should purchase a decent car upholstery brush. Your dog's hair will shed all over the seats. It is almost impossible to stop this from happening. Whilst you should deep-clean your car upholstery fairly regularly, it will probably not be practical for you to do this after every single car trip you take with your dog.

If you get an upholstery brush, which has an easy-to-grip handle and tough bristles, you can use this to brush off a lot of the dog hair that will cling to your car seats after your dog has been in your vehicle. Spending a few minutes briskly brushing the hair off on a regular basis should prevent the car seats from getting so coated in hair that you cannot sit in them without ending up with dog hair all over your own clothes, and should ensure that you don't have to deep-clean the upholstery too often just to try to make it look reasonably presentable.

For more information about vinyl car mats, contact an auto accessories shop.