The Three Most Common Roof Rack Types

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If you have seen motorists with luggage on top of their cars and wondered how they managed to secure the load, roof racks are your answer. The auto accessories add additional storage space to a vehicle, allowing you to carry more luggage that would typically not fit inside the trunk. That said, roof racks are not standard features on most cars; hence, you should consider buying and installing one. However, there are different types of roof racks, each with its pros and cons. This article highlights some of the most common roof racks.

Flush Bar Racks

The flush bar roof rack is arguably the sleekest design since it does not have an overhanging crossbar at the ends like other standard models. While the design gives the flush bar a neat, tidy and streamlined finish, the legs do not extend beyond a car's roofline. It means that the rack is most suitable for carrying items that do not require too much width, such as kayaks, surfboards, bicycles and rooftop luggage carriers. Moreover, flush bar roof racks are ideal for smaller vehicles since their compact design does not look awkward.

Through Bars Racks

If you are looking for a roof rack that is easy to mount, choose a through bar roof rack. It is the most common roof rack design, and unlike flush bars, it sticks beyond a car roofline. Although a through bar roof rack lacks aesthetics and a streamlined design, it more than makes up for the shortcoming with luggage space. Notably, the extended bars allow the rack to maximise a car roof's surface area. Due to its rugged design, a through bar rack is suitable for bigger vehicles like SUVs and 4WD. Another advantage of through bar racks is that they sit on legs, which is essential for installing spacers to raise the height. The ability to raise and lower the roof rack makes the model an ideal accessory for a tradesperson, such as a plumber or an electrician, offering mobile services.

Platform Roof Racks

As the name suggests, this type of roof rack has a platform instead of crossbars like through bar and flush bar racks. The platform is expansive and attaches to the rack's feet, providing maximum carrying capacity. Moreover, a platform roof rack is arguably the most versatile design since it can easily accommodate any luggage. Whether it is your bicycle, kayak, surfboard or multiple suitcases, luggage fit securely on a platform roof rack. The flat surface also means that your luggage stays in place throughout a trip. The best part is that platform roof racks are compatible with small and oversized vehicles.